Foto bij persbericht ABP investeert 10 miljoen in Triple Solar jan 2023 MRES

Triple Solar raises 10 million euro in growth capital

Triple Solar has attracted a major new shareholder with pension fund ABP, in order to remain at the forefront of the energy transition in the coming years.

Through its asset manager APG, ABP is investing, together with the current shareholders – Participatiefonds Duurzame Economie Noord-Holland (PDENH), DOEN Participaties, Enfuro Ventures and the two founders – in further increasing Triple Solar’s impact on the energy transition. The funds will be used to further roll out the unique heat pump system internationally, expand production capacity and develop new energy-efficient products and services.

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PVT panel: fossil free sustainable heating

The front of the PVT heat pump panel exists of solar cells (PV) which transform sunlight into electricity. The back is a heat exchanger (T) which provides the source energy for the special PVT heat pump. The PVT panel obtains its energy from the outside air, from sunlight and from daylight. In all seasons, 24 hours a day, even in cloudy or frosty weather.

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PVT paneel M3

PVT panel as the source for the heat pump

Triple Solar is the inventor of the well-known PVT heat pump panel and PVT-heatpump. With this system it is possible to provide a home with heat, hot tap water and electricity in a sustainable way. Fossil free. In all seasons, 24 hours a day. We have now connected more than 4000 homes to a Triple Solar system in the Netherlands and abroad.

Want to know more? Read the introduction page for information about the installation of the Triple Solar PVT panel as the energy source for a heat pump.

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Our mission is to achieve maximum impact in reducing CO2 emissions from heating homes. We also want to make the sustainable heating of houses accessible to a wide audience. That is why we develop smart and maintenance free solutions in the field of sustainable energy. Our requirement is that all products are produced sustainably, are fully recyclable and have no environmental impact, neither in production, nor in use. Our products have a minimum lifespan of thirty years and are produced in the Netherlands. The raw materials are made within Europe and are transported CO2-neutral as much as possible. We only work with companies that are socially responsible and sustainable.

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Project highlighted

In the new Leeuwesteyn district, bordering the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal in Utrecht, the Ronduit project has been completed with 40 energy-supplying mansions and apartments built with Triple Solar PVT panels as a source for the heat pump. The municipality required that all houses should be energy supplying instead of energy neutral. Quite a challenge with the available amount of roof surface, but we succeeded.

Read more on the Ronduit Utrecht project page.

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Triple Solar PVT heat pump panels included in National Environmental Database (NMD) 

Triple Solar PVT heat pump panels included in National Environmental Database (NMD)   Triple Solar’s PVT heat pump panels have been listed in the National Environmental Database (NMD) since 28 February. In cooperation with recognised specialists and suppliers, a life cycle analysis (LCA) was carried out. This identified the environmental impact over the entire life…

Triple Solar launches PVT heat pump on the German market

Triple Solar launches PVT heat pump on the German market  During the ISH fair in Frankfurt, Triple Solar will officially launch its unique PVT heat pump on the German market. The ISH, which takes place from 13 to 17 March, is the largest trade fair in the field of HVAC and water. The Triple Solar…

Sustainable power plant with PVT panels on former NRC building

Sustainable power plant with PVT panels on former NRC building By installing a sustainable power plant on the roof of the former NRC building in the heart of Rotterdam, entrepreneur Fons Burger (70) is providing his tenants not only with cleaner energy, but also with low energy bills. “A win-win situation,” says Burger, who hopes…