All-electric heating with the
Triple Solar PVT heat pump panel

The Triple Solar® heat pump solar-panel system consists of a set of PVT solar-panels and a water / water heat pump. This makes it possible to provide a home with heat, hot tap water and electricity in a sustainable manner. All-electric = Without gas. And that in all seasons, 24 hours a day. Triple Solar supplies PVT heat pump solarpanels for hot water & electricity!

Want to know more? Check the introduction page for information about the application of the Triple Solar PVT-heat pump solar-panel or download the brochure here.

Pay attention: Many councils offer subsidy for solar panels!

Triple Solar heat pump solar panel PVT low image

Heating for the
entire house

  • Works 24 hours a day, also at night and when cloudy
  • High efficiency, resulting in low electricity costs
  • Heat and electricity from the same solar panel
  • Suitable for both new construction and renovation
  • No more gas connection required
  • Suitable for every type of roof
  • Low maintenance and silent operation
  • In combination with economical brine/water heat pump
  • Long lifespan
  • Also as a hybrid solution
  • TNO and Solar Keymark certificates
  • TÜV DIN CERTO certified
  • BCRG registered label of conformity
  • European-made PVT panel
  • Subsidy and partial VAT refund

Winner ENGIE
Tech Award 2020

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Triple Solar Winnaar Innovative Energy Solution 2018

Triple Solar PVT heat pump panels are available at Nibe Systems UK


Visit us in Rotterdam at the NIBE stand in the Innovation Center for Sustainable Building.

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