User experiences in existing construction

Read below a number of reviews and user experiences about the Triple Solar PVT panels on homes in existing buildings and in new construction. Gasless heating with minimal maintenance.

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‘Own energy: if it can be done with us, it can be done with everyone.’ Ingeborg and Renze live on an old steel houseboat in Amsterdam. It was their wish to exchange the gas boiler for a heat pump. Renze and Ingeborg have now had their first winter with a heat pump. Watch the video by Ingeborg and Renze for their vision.


Anouk Steggerda and Terence van Buuren no longer wanted a gas connection for their new-build villa, but also no loss of comfort. The PVT panel installation passed the first winters with flying colours. The house has not been below 21 degrees for a second.

Tiny house  Tiny Tim with pvt solar heatpump panel 1

Tiny TIM Tinyhouse opts for very sustainable solutions in the field of water and energy. As a 100% self-sufficient variant, you can place the Tiny TIM in areas where there are no connections for sewer, gas, water and electricity. This makes a significant difference in the construction costs and, of course, on the energy bill.

Triple Solar PVT heat pump panels on house Wormer

The house of the Schut family is located in the Wormer. This house produces more electricity than it consumes, says Erik Schut. ‘The Triple Solar PVT panels provide both hot water and heating for our home.’ For more information, see the project page.

10 PVT heat pump panels on the traditional roof tiles Alwik
Alwik says very satisfied with the Triple Solar PVT panel system. ‘Particularly thanks to the advantages that arise from the combination of gasless heating using the heat pump and generating electricity using the solar panels on my roof’.

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