Heating with Triple Solar

New homes may no longer be connected to the gas grid from 2018. An excellent alternative is heating with the Triple Solar PVT system. The system consists of PVT panels and a PVT heat pump. Generated solar energy and heat from the PVT heat pump panels are converted into sustainable heat, cooling, hot water and electricity for the home.

An ideal solution for new-build homes. Moreover, it is also possible to heat existing homes completely electrically using an all-electric system. However, a home must be suitable or made suitable for this. For instance, a home must have low-temperature heating and adequate insulation. Examples of low-temperature heating are: wall and/or floor heating and special low-temperature radiators/ convectors.


What does the system consist of?

The all-electric Triple Solar system consists of the PVT heat pump, a hot water storage system (thermal battery or stainless steel boiler) and PVT heat pump panels on the roof.

The boiler is replaced by the heat pump. The number of panels depends on the heat loss of the house. A heat loss calculation can determine how much power should be extracted from the panels. An average, well-insulated house has an installation consisting of 8 PVT panels with a 6kW water-to-water heat pump. This provides enough hot tap water for four family members. With the additional installation of 4 to 8 ordinary (PV) solar panels, the daily electrical consumption is covered. This makes the house energy-neutral.

The all-electric PVT system in practice