What is a PVT system?

The Triple Solar PVT system consists of PVT heat pump panels combined with the PVT heat pump. The system converts the generated solar energy and heat from the PVT heat pump panels into sustainable heat, cooling, hot water and electricity for the home. In all seasons, 24 hours a day and even in cloudy or frosty weather.

How does the Triple Solar system work?

Our PVT panels generate heat as well as electricity. The front of the PVT panel consists of solar cells (PV) that convert sunlight into electricity, also known as solar panels. The back of the panel is a thermal exchanger (T) and extracts heat from the outside air and the panel. The PVT panels are the energy source for the PVT heat pump.

The heat generated from the PVT heat pump panels converts the PVT heat pump into usable heat for heating and hot tap water. Our heat pump is smart, compact and specially designed for our system. The heat pump uses state-of-the-art technology, including the natural refrigerant propane and is very economical with the electricity generated.

Benefits of the PVT system

One system for heat and electricity, 24 hours a day and in all seasons.
Silent PVT panels for any type of roof instead of a noisy outdoor unit or ground drilling.
Minimal maintenance required due to lack of moving parts.
Lifetime of more than 25 years and 10-year warranty on PVT panels.
Durable system because it is built from European components.
High return and up to 5% increase in home value.

What does the PVT system consist of?

The main components of the system are:

  • PVT heat pump panels.
  • PVT heat pump.
  • Hot water storage 200 litres.
  • Inverter. The installer recommends the type of inverter.

Application of the system

There are two ways to install the PVT system: hybrid and all-electric (gasless). For new-build houses, only an all-electric PVT system can be installed, as no gas can be used. For existing houses, we have developed a hybrid PVT system. This system works together with the boiler and can be installed quickly and easily. This allows more houses to be heated sustainably and quickly saves money and CO2.

Besides new and existing homes, the PVT system can also be installed in utility buildings and housing associations. We also offer options for a heat network with PVT panels and a CHP regeneration with PVT panels.

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