Hybrid heating with Triple Solar

There are two ways you can install the PVT system: hybrid and all-electric (gasless). Many Dutch homes are not immediately suitable for gas-free heating. For example, a house must first have sufficient insulation and low-temperature heating. To make an affordable energy bill possible for everyone, we have developed a hybrid PVT system. This system can be installed quickly, easily and anywhere.


This way, many more homes qualify for a sustainable heating system and money and CO2 can be saved faster. Therefore, from now on in existing buildings, we say: hybrid, unless…

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Examples hybrid installation PVT heat pump

The benefits of hybrid


The Triple Solar PVT hybrid heat pump 3.5 always works, even when it is freezing. As a result, it saves more energy than traditional heat pumps, which stop working below an outside temperature of 4 degrees.

Hot water

The PVT heat pump makes hot water all year round. This provides additional savings. Most hybrid heat pumps do not make hot water.

High living comfort

Triple Solar ensures great living comfort. The heat pump and hot water storage are high-quality, low-maintenance and as quiet as a refrigerator. Outside, of course, there is no noise at all.

From hybrid to all-electric in 3 steps

Step 1 Hybrid PVT system

Save 60% gas on heating and domestic hot water.

The hybrid PVT system consists of 3 PVT heat pump panels (in new-build houses, there are 4), one PVT heat pump and an inverter. The PVT heat pump is placed next to the existing central heating boiler. The PVT heat pump works together with the boiler, controlling it and determining when it needs to step in. For example, if the outside temperature drops below zero and the PVT heat pump panels do not supply enough heat to the heat pump to heat the house, the boiler can step in to provide the right supply temperature. So the house is never cold.


Step 2 Hybrid PVT system with boiler

Save 80% gas when heating and showering.

Want to save gas with showering too? Supplement the PVT system with a boiler. The 200 boiler has enough capacity to shower comfortably and is made of maintenance-free materials.


Step 3 All-electric PVT system

100% gas-free heating

Is the house suitable for gasless heating at some point? Then the hybrid PVT heat pump setup can easily be expanded to an all-electric setup. The boiler is replaced by a second PVT heat pump and additional PVT panels are installed. So the investment in the hybrid PVT heat pump setup is not lost, aka the ‘no-regret’ solution.


The hybrid PVT system in practice