Solar Keymark

The Triple Solar heat pump panel has been extensively tested at the prestigious University of Stuttgart, the IGTE. In summary, the PVT solar panel was tested for yield, construction, wind load and snow load. The quality of the production process has also been tested. Solar Keymark indicates that every product that leaves our factory always has the same quality.

TNO certification

In 2009, and again in 2016 and 2017, the Triple Solar heat pump panel was tested by TNO in the Netherlands and certified as the PVT solar panel that has the best properties to act as an energy source for the brine/water heat pump.

Declaration of conformity

The Triple Solar® system has a declaration of conformity, which demonstrates that the Triple Solar heat pump panels, together with the heat pump (specifically from the NIBE brand) as a source, perform very well according to the existing standards in the Building Decree.

EPC calculation

Thanks to this statement, The Triple Solar® system can be included in an EPC calculation, and can therefore be used for new construction. As an example: with a house built according to the current building decree, with heat recovery (WTW) with the Triple Solar® system, you get an EPC of -0.19 (entered at Uniec2).

The statement has been drawn up on the basis of the applicable testing framework NEN 7120 – Energy Performance of Buildings (EPG). The document can be found in the Database of Controlled Quality Declarations and Conformity Declarations.


For more information about entering the correct data for the EPC calculation, read the instructions.