How do you make a 40-year-old high rise sustainable? And save 60% on gas consumption / heating bill? The housing corporation Vivare, which is active in the Arnhem region with some 25,000 housing units, had this question in mind for some time: how can we make existing housing complexes more sustainable and how can we make these changes as pleasant as possible for the residents?

By responding well to the specific wishes and certainly looking closely at the possibilities of a complex, this question of sustainability has been answered.

Working together to increase sustainability

Dirk van Sintanneland, Project Leader Energy Solutions at Unica Energy Solutions, says about this project in Oosterbeek: “Due to excellent results achieved in previous projects together with Unica Energy Solutions and Triple Solar, a ready-made solution was devised.

The Solution

To make a building of more than 40 years old sustainable is not the easiest of tasks, but with the use of an optimal heat pump (61WG-110A water-water scroll heat pump from Carrier) and 104 Triple Solar PVT heat pump solar panels 390 WP & 100 PV solar panels 390 WP) on the roofs. With the necessary know-how, we developed a hybrid system that reduced gas consumption by at least 60%!

The use of convectors, home insulation and a sophisticated control contributed to a higher level of comfort in the homes.

Not only gas savings from the thermal roof, but also the power generated from the solar panels and subsidy scheme ensured excellent returns.

Given the future issues of clean energy and excellent cooperation, I think this is not the last sustainability project with Triple Solar…… looking forward! Says Dirk van Sintanneland, Project Leader Energy Solutions at Unica.

If you want to know more about making housing corporations’ properties more sustainable, read more here.

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