There is a wide variety of installation concepts for utility/non-residential buildings, including:

  • Heat Cold Storage ATES regeneration by PVT heat pump solar panels
  • All electric solution for an office, school or sports centre
  • Hybrid solution for large consumers such as swimming pools
  • Tap water installation for sports facilities, student and/or apartment buildings

A common problem with the Heat Cold Storage (ATES) is that more heat than cold is extracted from the source, resulting in a cold surplus. This often occurs in care facilities, and can affect the operation and efficiency of the installation. This may cause problems with the issued permit.

ATES with regeneration by PVT heat pump panels

Triple Solar PVT heat pump panels have been developed for supplying evaporating energy and regenerating a thermal energy storage (ATES). Triple Solar works together with specialist installers and ESCOs such as Unica and Eteck.

  • SDE+ subsidy

    “For this solution, SDE+ subsidy is available for both the electrical and thermal energy yield. This subsidy can be requested for an area of more than 200 m2 and has a duration of 15 years.”

Triple Solar PVT Warmtepomp Paneel Restaurant artis de twee cheetahs 150 panelen

Image above: Restaurant De Twee Cheetahs in Artis Amsterdam zoo.
All electric installation with possibility to connect to a local heat network (ATES) in the future.

All electric solution

The all electric solution offers the possibility of fossil free heating of commercial and industrial buildings with a heat pump, in combination with PVT heat pump panels. There is no limit to the installed capacity of the heat pump. If there is a cooling demand, a hot and cold buffer tank is installed with a hydraulic reversing unit, with which the heat pump can actively cool.

If more than 200 m2 of PVT heat pump panels are installed, an SDE + subsidy can be requested (for heat and electricity) and the solution offers a CO2-saving and energy-neutral alternative to the dry cooler.

triple solar 11 off the grid apartments in Amsterdam bilderdijkkade

Image above: Bilderdijkkade Amsterdam apartment complex with all electric installation with cold and heat supply


In addition to the above-mentioned all electric solution, a supplement is possible with a gas boiler in case of a high peak load. This is also the case with swimming pools. The heat pump with PVT heat pump panels offers thus a large energy saving.

Triple Solar-pool-heating-PVT-heat pump-panel-de-welle-drachten-01

Image above: De Welle swimming pool in Drachten with 60 kW hybrid installation + 1000 PV panels. Resulting in a saving of +/- 70,000 m3 of gas and 250,000 kWh of electricity per year.

Tap water installation with maximum impact

Many apartment buildings, such as student flats, have a large tap water demand. Traditionally, solar collectors have been installed for this purpose to save energy and CO2.

With the Triple Solar tap water installation, you increase the efficiency because the heat pump with the PVT heat pump solar panels produces tap water with a high efficiency all year round (SPF 3.8). Instead of an average of 1,100 hours of solar energy, you have 24/7 (total 8,760 hours) hot water production. Together with the electrical yield, you save a lot of energy and CO2.


NIBE warmtepomp met PVT zonnepanelen woonstad rotterdam 2

Images above: Pyramide apartment building of housing corporation Woonstad Rotterdam. Hot tap water 24/7.

  • SDE + subsidy

    “For this solution, SDE + subsidy is available for both the electrical and thermal energy yield. This subsidy can be requested for an area of more than 200 m2 and has a duration of 15 years.”

  • ATES in the news

    “In popular speech, two other terms are used for regenerating a thermal energy storage system: the Triple Solar solar thermal roof or energy roof.”

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