There is a wide variety of installation concepts for utility buildings, including:

  • All electric solution for an office, school or sports hall
  • Hybrid solution (PVT panels with heat pump + gas) for large energy consuming entities, such as swimming pools
  • Hot tap water installation for sports facilities, student and/or apartment complexes
  • ATES installation with regeneration by PVT heat pump panels

All electric solution

The all electric solution offers the possibility to heat utility buildings without using gas, through a heat pump in combination with PVT heat pump panels. There is no limit to the installed capacity of the heat pump. If there is a cooling demand, a hot and a cold buffer tank is installed with a hydraulic reversing unit, with which the heat pump can actively cool.


Above, the fossil free renovation of the Cruquius school in Haarlem. After the thorough renovation, an all electric Triple Solar system was installed with 2 Nibe 60 kW heat pumps and 150 PVT panels. Cooling has also been provided.

Swimming pool

In addition to the aforementioned all electric solution, a gas boiler can be added to accomodate a high peak load. This is a typical solution for swimming pools. In such a case, the heat pump with PVT heat pump panels offer substantial energy savings. Below are two examples: Swimming pool De Welle Drachten and Swimming pool Den Helder Doesburg, the Netherlands.

Triple Solar-pool-heating-PVT-heat pump-panel-de-welle-drachten-01

Picture above: Swimming pool De Welle in Drachten with 60 kW heat pump, 150 PVT panels en 1000 solar panels.
Energy saving: 70.000 m3 gas and 250.000 kWh electricity per year.

PVT panels, heat pump panels from Triple Solar - doesburg view

Picture above: Swimming pool Den Helder in Doesburg with 40 kW heat pump, 68 PVT panels en 100 solar panels.
Energy saving: 40.000 m3 gas per year

ATES regeneration

Triple Solar® provides PVT heat pump panels for ATES regeneration.

A common problem with Heat Cold Storage, the so called Aquifer Thermal Energy System (ATES), is that more heat than cold is extracted from the source, thus resulting in a cold surplus. This often occurs in care complexes with little cooling demand, therefore affecting the operation and efficiency of the installation. This can additionally cause problems with the permit granted.

ATES regeneration housing care real estate Triple Solar heatpump solar panel

Picture above: care complex De Tuinen Woudenberg.
340 PVT panels for ATES regeneration.

Triple Solar PVT Warmtepomp Paneel Restaurant artis de twee cheetahs 150 panelen

Picture above: Restaurant The Two Cheetahs in Artis Zoo Amsterdam.
All electric heating and hot tap water for the restaurant.

Large scale hot tap water

Many apartment complexes, for example for students, have a high demand for DHW. Traditionally, solar collectors were placed for this purpose in order to save energy and CO2.

With the tap water installation from Triple Solar® the efficiency increases, because the heat pump combined with the PVT heat pump panels produces tap water with a high efficiency (SPF 3.8) all year round. Instead of an average of 1,100 hours of solar energy, you have a 24/7 hot water production (total of 8,760 hours). Paired with the electrical output you save a lot of energy and CO2.

woonstad rotterdam
NIBE warmtepomp met PVT zonnepanelen woonstad rotterdam 2

Picture above: Student housing the Pyramid in Rotterdam.
Hot tap water 24/7.