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All-electric house in Wormer. How do you make an existing house all electric? And how to make an entire street fossil free? Yes, it is possible, an entire street that becomes gasless / all electric. This month the third house on Poelweg in Wormer will be equipped with Triple Solar PVT heat pump solar panels as a source for the heat pump. Of course without noise and without drilling in the ground.

10 Triple Solar PVT-heat pump solar panels will serve as thermal and electrical source for the NIBE water/water heat pump. They will provide it with heat for heating, tap water and electricity for the operation of the heat pump.

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The solution

In addition, 18 similar looking PV solar panels will be installed to cover electrical consumption such as lighting, electric cooking and EV vehicle charging. This creates an aesthetically pleasing whole and the house will be completely “all electric”.

Cooling is also considered by using the Triple Solar cooling module. Through this module, on hot days the process is reversed so that the heating serves as a source, extracts heat, and at the rear of the PVT heat pump solar panels it is released into the ambient air.

There is always natural convection even in windless conditions. This is due to the inclination of the Triple Solar PVT heat pump solar panels, which means that they can always give off heat and the temperature of the PVT heat pump solar panel never exceeds 55 degrees Celsius.

Installer: Witte Installation – Ursem

Off the grid house in Wormer The Netherlands