• “First read the introduction on the first tab to understand the way Triple Solar PVT heatpump panels operate”.


Summary of the introduction page (only available in Dutch)

Technical documentation Triple Solar PVT heatpump solar panel  (only available in Dutch)

Technical documentation Cooling module  (only available in Dutch)

Technical documentation NIBE Water/Water heat pumps  (only available in Dutch)

Technical documentation BISOL PV solar panels  (only available in Dutch)

Terms and conditions

Project application form for residents

With this application form, you can inform the installer about the ins and outs of your home.

Triple Solar Project Applications Form (only available in Dutch)

Documents for the EPC calculation

This is a manual for completing a Triple Solar® installation in Uniec2.

Triple Solar Declaration of Equivalence (only available in Dutch)
Instructions for completion in Uniec2 (only available in Dutch)

Quality declarations

These documents are quality guarantee certificates, which are sometimes required for a permit or a subsidy application in The Netherlands. If you need other certificates, please contact us.

Triple Solar Declaration of Conformity (only available in Dutch)
Solar Keymark certificate (only available in Dutch)
Declaration of conformity for Bisol PV panels (only available in Dutch)

Installation manual for a Triple Solar® system

Triple Solar installation manual

Nibe water/water installation manual (only available in Dutch)

Nibe water/water user manual (only available in Dutch)

Manual Nibe-Uplink (only available in Dutch)

Special instructions for setting up a Nibe heat pump. (only available in Dutch)
Technical documentation Sunbeam flat roof mounting system (only available in Dutch)

We are currently working on English translations of all our documentation. Please email [email protected] for any questions regarding the technical documents.

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