Electricity and heat from one panel

Our PVT heat pump panels generate both electricity and heat, making them the complete renewable energy solution.

The front of the PVT heat pump panel consists of solar cells (PV) that convert sunlight into electricity. The back side is a thermal exchanger (T) and extracts energy (heat) from the outside air, sunlight and daylight. In all seasons, 24 hours a day, even when it is cloudy or freezing. The PVT heat pump then converts this energy into usable heat for heating and hot tap water. In summer, the system also allows households to cool their homes.

Why a PVT heat pump panel?

1 Panel for everything

The PVT panel has a solar panel and a thermal exchanger. This gives you heat, hot water and electricity from one surface.

24 hours a day

PVT heat pump panels provide both heat and electricity 24 hours a day all year round. Even at night, on cloudy days and when it is freezing.


PVT heat pump panels contain no moving parts, unlike a noisy outdoor unit. This makes it a silent system.


Besides heating, the Triple Solar system can also cool. The system is reversed and heat from the house is released to the outside air.

Sustainably produced in the Netherlands

Our products are produced in the Netherlands. Raw materials are made within Europe and transport is CO2-neutral as far as possible.

Even more advantages of the PVT panel

High efficiency

The system uses generated electricity economically and has a high efficiency.

No impact on the environment

No ground drilling or outdoor heat pump unit is required.

For any roof

Suitable for any type of roof for both new and existing buildings.

Low maintenance

Minimal maintenance is required due to the lack of moving parts.


Made with European raw materials and is fully recyclable.

10-year warranty

Lifetime of more than 30 years and 10-year warranty.

How does it work?

At the back, the PVT heat pump panel has a thermal exchanger consisting of aluminium fins with a copper pipe. Through the copper pipes flows a the coolant glycol, a type of anti-freeze. This liquid absorbs the ambient heat outside and conducts it to the heat pump inside the house. The heat pump converts this heat into usable heat for heating and hot tap water.


There are three models:

Dimensions (l x w x d)

  • PVT M4-500 XL Landscape 500 Wp 2115 x 1143 x 53 mm (2.4 m2)
  • PVT M4-410 L Landscape 410 Wp 1743 x 1143 x 53 mm (2.0 m2)
  • PVT M4-375 P Portrait 375 Wp 1071 x 1775 x 53 mm (2.0 m2)

Does PVT also work in winter?

Yes it does. Triple Solar heat pump panels get their energy from the outside air, up to an outside temperature of -10 °C.

If the temperature drops lower, the heat pump also provides electric auxiliary heating.