The PVT heat pump is smart, compact and specially designed for the PVT heat pump panels

The Triple Solar PVT heat pump uses the most modern techniques such as the environmentally friendly and natural refrigerant propane and the option for remote monitoring. The heat pump uses the electricity generated by the PVT heat pump panels very economically. The energy label is A+++ for both heating and hot tap water. The heat pump takes up little space, is lightweight and silent. The accompanying 200 boiler has sufficient capacity to shower comfortably and is made of maintenance-free materials.

”Our heat pump makes as little noise as a refrigerator.”

PVT-warmtepomp 3,5 kW met slogan

Benefits Triple Solar PVT heat pump

Propane as a refrigerant

Propane is environmentally friendly and has the advantage of the wider range of -20 to 50˚C and can make a supply temperature of +70˚C without an electric element. This is ideal for existing homes where radiators are often still used.

Compact and light

The PVT heat pump is extremely compact (48 x 54 x 83 cm) and weighs less than 50 kg. It is the lightest heat pump on the market and can be carried in two 25 kg parts. Regular heat pumps weigh 100-120 kg and should not be moved without a hoist.


An annual service is not required with this heat pump. Maintenance only takes place when necessary based on monitoring. Moreover, the heat pump is mounted indoors, so it cannot be affected by weather conditions.

Comprehensive monitoring

The system can be controlled with a simple thermostat and monitored via the internet. No wifi is required for this. The monitoring allows the user, administrator or service organisation to provide information on operation, performance and preventive service.


Even more benefits

Low energy consumption

The heat pump has a low energy consumption. The total electricity yield of the PVT heat pump panels is usually higher than the consumption of the heat pump.

Easy assembly

The heat pump has a small installation surface and can be mounted on the wall or floor.

Always works

The PVT heat pump always works, even when it freezes. As a result, you save more energy than with a traditional heat pump that no longer works below an outside temperature of 4 degrees.


Another special feature of the PVT heat pump is the cooling option. This is especially important for new buildings because of the new standard to prevent overheating in the month of July.



Track your earnings

For the resident

The resident can operate the heat pump remotely and receive automatic updates via the SIM card in the interface.

For the administrator

The installer or the service organization can monitor whether the heat pump is working properly and whether its performance is satisfactory. The installer also receives a signal when preventive maintenance must be carried out.

For Triple Solar

If desired, we can also take a look and give advice to the installer and the user. This insight into the installation provides more certainty and offers a guarantee of proper operation in the long term.


This is how the heat pump works

The operating principle of this heat pump is easiest to explain with reference to its components – the evaporator, compressor and condenser – associated with three phases:

The PVT panels are the energy source of the PVT heat pump. On the back of the panels is a thermal exchanger through which the liquid glycol flows. This liquid heats up through the outside air and the panel. The heated liquid then goes to the heat pump. Inside the heat pump is an evaporator, where the heated liquid evaporates.

The electric compressor in the heat pump then compresses the released vapour. This process increases the pressure inside the heat pump and increases the temperature.

In the condenser, thanks to the expansion valve, the vapour regains space. As a result, the pressure decreases and the vapour turns back into (transport) liquid. This process releases heat. This heat is then conducted to the delivery circuit – the heating system or boiler. The temperature of the released heat is significantly higher than the temperature of the heat originally absorbed and is now usable for heating and hot water. The carrier fluid then flows back to the evaporator, after which the process starts again.

Triple Solar uitleg warmtepomp


The possibilities of the PVT heat pump

There are two ways to install the heat pump: hybrid and all-electric (gasless). Only an all-electric PVT system can be installed in new-build homes, because no gas can be used. For existing houses we have developed a hybrid PVT system. This system works together with the central heating boiler and can be installed quickly and easily. As a result, more houses can be heated sustainably and you quickly save money and CO2.


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