The PVT heat pump

De Triple Solar PVT heat pump uses the latest technology with the natural refrigerant propane and is very energy-efficient.

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PVT-warmtepomp 3,5 kW met slogan

PVT heat pump – all-electric

The all-electric Triple Solar system consists of a PVT heat pump, a 200 litre stainless steel tank for hot water and a set of four PVT heat pump panels on the roof

The heat pump takes up little space and is lightweight.
The accompanying 200 litre hot water tank has sufficient capacity for a comfortable shower, is lightweight and made of maintenance-free stainless steel.
The installation can be operated with a simple thermostat and monitored via the internet. No wifi or LAN cable is required.

PVT heat pump – hybrid operation

Many homes are not directly suitable for heating without fossil fuel. This is why we have developed a hybrid PVT heat pump to save gas. This heat pump works together with the gas boiler.
If the outside temperature drops below zero, the gas boiler kicks in and the house is never cold.

The ‘no-regret’ solution
Should the house be suitable for gasless heating at a certain point in time, then the Triple Solar PVT heat pump is always expandable to an all-electric solution.
The investment in the hybrid PVT heat pump is not lost.

PVT-warmtepomp voor hybride toepassing


The resident naturally wants to know whether the heat pump is working properly and therefore wants to know the consumption costs.
The installer or service organisation can check whether the heat pump is working properly and whether its performance is satisfactory. The installer also receives a signal when preventive maintenance is needed.
Triple Solar looks along if desired and can give advice to the installer and the user.
This insight into the installation provides more security and guarantees proper functioning over time.

The PVT heat pump is developed in cooperation with MetroTherm Denmark.