The challenge

Cruquius school All-Electric with @Triple Solar PVT solarpanels! The Cruquiusschool in Haarlem is being thoroughly renovated, with roof and fa├žade insulation applied and supplemented with new construction on the inner courtyard. The wooden floor has also been replaced by foamed concrete which now has a very high insulation value. This makes this Spaarnesant school future-proof again.

The school is in the middle of the residential area so a quiet solution is a must. NSN Service has been asked to also make the installation gas-free / all-electric. For this, 13 heat recovery units with temperature and CO2 control were installed and 2 water / water NIBE (Energietechniek BV) heat pumps of 60 kW (total 120 kW) were installed for the floor and after heaters, which were used as a source of 186 Triple Solar BV PVT heat pump solar panels and 20 have extra PV solarpanels. A peak boiler of 26 kW has also been installed.

The heat pump and the PVT panel solution

The PVT solarpanels work as a soundless source for the heat pumps, which uses the energy from the panels to sustainably heat the school. Hot water comes from 4 Flamco PCM boilers for showers.

Because the aluminum Triple Solar PVT heat pump solarpanel is also equipped with a solar panel, it is possible to provide a building not only with heat, passive cooling and hot tap water from one surface, but also with electricity. Natural gas free. And that in all seasons, 24 hours a day.

Noiseless, space-saving, comfortable and sustainable heating & cooling. If you want more information about this installation or your own PVT heat pump solarpanels, please email