Tiny house  Tiny Tim with pvt solar heatpump panel 1


The challenge

Tinyhouses are hot (especially thanks to PVT Solar Panels from Triple Solar!). In Haarlem, a Tiny Tim-Tiny house village is emerging with TIM houses with PVT solarpanels where people will live autarkical.

The TIMhouse core team consists of architects Jurgen van der Ploeg, Bauke Lucas and architecture photographer, as well as mechanical engineer Hans Peter Föllmi. Together they have ensured that the TIMhouse village has become a reality, based on their own vision and discipline. The challenge was to make the movable Tiny Houses completely autarkic. This means that the house is not connected to the utilities.


The solution

The technical installations consist of PV and PVT heat pump solar panels from Triple Solar combined with a small heat pump, a large buffer tank and a battery pack. Energy management is important: The heat pump only runs during the day and heats the buffer cylinder. Sun and daylight are used as much as possible for high source temperatures of the PVT solarpanels. The waste water is purified by plants in a green water-purifying wall, supplemented with technical filters, so that the water can be reused.

We wish the tinyhouse residents a lot of fun!