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The challenge

In the new Rijnvliet neighborhood we have realized 10 single-family homes that are gas-free and therefore meet the zero on the meter (NOM) requirements. The Triple Solar® PVT heat pump system consists of PVT heat pump panels and a wall-mounted water / water heat pump and a 120-liter boiler. This innovative system has no outdoor part as with an air / water heat pump. The PVT heat pump panels, just like solar panels, are placed on the roof. The heat pump is just as large as a refrigerator. To achieve the 80% CO2 savings, additional PV panels are installed to compensate for the electricity consumption of the heat pump. Watch a short video here about how the Triple Solar PVT panel works. (PVT heat pump panels Utrecht)

The solution

For this project The Leidsche Rijn in Utrecht, an innovative collaboration has been established between Housing corporation BO-EX, energy company Eneco that will supply heat as a service to the residents, Koopmans construction that builds the houses, Installation company Mampaey which takes care of the technical installation, and Triple Solar as a supplier of the PVT heat pump panels & Nibe heat pump.

The innovative thing here is that a very sustainable solution is supplied by several parties, where Heat is supplied as a service, with low energy costs for the resident. (but that guarantees high living comfort). Do you want to know more about this project? We look forward to hearing from you via email info@Triplesolar.eu.