house with PVT solar panels heatpump heat recovery system-02

The challenge

Building a sustainable house with a thatched roof, which had to be beautiful but also functional. In addition, it is a semi-detached house, where one neighbor wanted ordinary old-fashioned solar panels, and the other PVT solarpanels. Optically, a solution has been chosen that cannot be distinguished from each other. The unique thing here is the combination of a thatched roof with solar energy as a source for the heat pump.

The solution

Van Assen Installatietechniek installed Triple Solar PVT solar heatpump panels that generate electricity, but also heat that can be used to heat water as a source for the NIBE heat pump. The Triple Solar cooling module is also used, with which the operation of the heat pump is reversed. This then works just like a refrigerator, the heat is extracted from the home and released to the outside air through the panels. Finally, a Zehnder heat recovery unit has also been installed, which saves costs because the extracted (dirty) air from the house passes the heat on to the clean air entering the house. Do you also want an energy neutral home? And make your house / residence / business premises / real estate more sustainable? Email for more information.