The challenge

How can you make monumental municipal homes off the grid without an extreme renovation? Technische Unie facilitated the sustainability of six homes in the village of Nagele in the Noordoostpolder. To make six municipal monumental homes more sustainable and disconnected of gas as a heating source. The Hendrick de Keyser Association – owner of the houses – took up the challenge. Engineer Ann-Katrin Adolph from Vereniging Hendrick de Keyser was the restoration architect of this project. “Our goal was to make these monumental municipal homes as sustainable as possible while preserving their historic character. However, this placed high demands on the design and implementation. Not every solution is feasible because both the interior and the exterior must remain in their original state as much as possible or must be returned. ” “Our monumental buildings cannot always be made more energy efficient by simply insulating them better. That is why we also started looking for technical solutions that fit the buildings. For example, customized installation solutions have been devised that are versatile and affordable for the owners. In this way we try to make our homes as sustainable as possible (or as well) as possible. Making these monumental houses in Nagele as sustainable as possible and making them gas-free / off the grid was a really special challenge for us, ”says Adolph.

The solution

The solution for this project turned out to be the Triple Solar PVT panels in combination with a water / water heat pump from NIBE. With this combination, no soil drilling is required and the heating of the house and the tap water are controlled by these devices. To make the homes in Nagele completely gas-free, PVT heat pump panels were chosen as the source for the water / water heat pump. The advantage of this combination is that no soil drilling is involved. The energy source for the heat pump is simply located on the roof in the form of PVT heat pump panels. In addition, it is a “silent solution”. With a water / water heat pump, there is no outdoor unit and there are no moving parts. The combination of Triple Solar PVT panels with a NIBE water / water heat pump provides heating, hot tap water and electricity in the homes. Do you also want an energy neutral home? And make your house / residence / business premises / real estate more sustainable? Email info@triplesolar.eu for more information. More information about this project can be found here.

Participants in this project were:

Customer: Vereniging Hendrick de Keyser
ContracterFriso Bouwgroep B.V. uit Leeuwarden
InstallerBite Installatietechniek uit Hattem
Supplier of technical installationsTechnische Unie
: Triple Solar PVT panelen & NIBE water/water-warmtepomp
Installation adviceINNAX Gebouw & Omgeving