De Woude

De uitdaging

A house on the island of De Woude from 2005 needs to be made gas-free. The boiler is at the end of its lifespan. A good time for the owner to switch to sustainable heating based on solar energy.

Besides heating, there is a desire to cool the house on hot days using the underfloor heating. As the house is inhabited by a young family, there is a large hot water requirement. The client wants to have a large capacity of hot water available at all times. Finally, the owner wants the PVT panels and glycol pipes out of sight as much as possible.

The solution

The Triple Solar team installs PVT panels that can generate heat in addition to electricity. This heat can be used both for heating water and as a source for the 12Kwh NIBE Series-S heat pump.

In addition, use is made of the Triple Solar cooling module, in which the heat pump works in reverse, namely like a refrigerator: heat is extracted from the house and released to the outside air via the panels. For cooling (as for heating), the output is via the underfloor heating and the radiators upstairs.

The glycol pipes run from the roof via a zinc drainpipe through the ground to the heat pump. To have a total of 300 liters of hot water available, an extra 120-liter boiler is installed in addition to the built-in 180-liter boiler in the NIBE Series-S heat pump.