Circular gasless / all-electric house Ommen: Hidden between the woods and on the banks of the Overijsselse Vecht lies Ommen, The Netherlands. One of the oldest Hanseatic towns in the Dutch province of Overijssel. Recently a beautiful house has been built in this beautiful village.

The unique thing about this house is that it is mostly circular. This means that the house, if it should be demolished is completely re-usable. The resident confirms this with his statement: “Our house can be strewn over an agricultural field without harming nature if it is ever demolished.

The owner continues: “The foundation is still concrete, but the core of the foundation is “foam” concrete, so there is much less concrete than in traditional construction. The walls are built of lime hemp with a thickness of 40cm (to meet modern insulation standards).

The house and roof are supported by laminated columns of larch and firewood. On the roof there are traditional stone tiles with underneath a wood fiber insulation of the natural Pavatex from Switzerland.

Gasless / All-electric

The house is heated with a Triple Solar PVT system. On the roof there are 8 Triple Solar PVT-Panels (340WP) and 15 PV solarpanels (also of 340 WP). The Triple Solar PVT solarpanels are the silent and efficient source for the NIBE F1255 – 6 PC heat pump with built-in 180 liter cylinder.

The total preparation and planning of the house took 5 years. This is because we thoroughly figured out everything, how to build it as circularly as possible.”

To sum up, the result is worth it. A beautiful and sustainable home made of natural building materials. Another project that not only the owner is rightly proud of, but we at Triple Solar are proud of too.

For your information: The Circular gasless / all-electric home Ommen installation is installed by installer Tijhaar from Vilsteren.

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Circulair and all-electric house with Triple Solar PVT-solar-panels