ATES regeneration housing care real estate Triple Solar heatpump solar panel


The challenge

The ATES (heat cold storage) at the De Tuinen residential care complex in Woudenberg has had a cold surplus for some time. As a result, more heat is extracted from the source than is supplied back during the summer through passive cooling of the building. Over time, this can endanger the proper functioning of the heating system.

Unica Energy Facilities Services is commissioned by energy operator Eteck to upgrade the installation via a regeneration roof with PVT heat pump panels from Triple Solar.

The solution

Triple Solar installs 340 PVT heat pump panels for the regeneration of the ATES. For this purpose, Unica Energy Systems expands the technical room with a TSA on the source side, including new control technology. The heat pump panels provide both evaporation energy to the heat pump, and heat to the source at the time the heat pump is off.

On the roof, 680 m2 of PVT panels are installed. These PVT panels convert sunlight into both electricity and heat. The electricity generated is used for the heat pumps, source pumps and distribution pumps. The produced heat is used directly by the heat pumps and additionally used to restore the thermal soil balance. The two technical rooms are inter-connected through ground pipes, so that the heat can be used in both systems. These panels generate about 116 MWh of electricity and about 470 MWh of heat for the heat pumps.

Thus, CO2 emissions of over 100 tonnes per year are avoided. This thanks to the generation of electricity and the improved efficiency of the heat pumps.


(Photos below: ATES regeneration residential care complex Woudenberg)