The challenge

ATES regenerating residential care combination: The ATES of the residential care complex “de Oorsprong” in Blaricum had had a cold surplus for some time. More heat is extracted from the source than is supplied during the summer by passive cooling of the building. This is more common in care complexes as older people like a warm home. In the long run this will endanger the proper functioning of the heating system.

Unica Energy Facilities Services was commissioned to upgrade the installation so that the ATES regeneration of the home-care combination “De Oorsprong” will be balanced again.

The solution

This week, together with Unica Energy Systems, we are installing 136 PVT panels of 380 Wp 2.0 m2 at the residential care complex “The Origin” in the municipality of Blaricum. This is to regenerate the TES installation.

In a Heat and Cold Storage (TES) installation, bottom energy is used for heating and cooling buildings.

A common problem with the Heat and Cold Storage (ATES) is that more heat than cold is extracted from the source, resulting in a cold surplus. This often occurs in care complexes (because the elderly often warm up the stove) and can affect the operation and efficiency of the installation.

Triple Solar PVT heat pump solar panels have been developed to supply evaporation energy and this also works perfectly for regenerating a thermal storage system. In the pictures you can see the unloading of the PVT solar heatpump panels on the roof. Soon another update on this beautiful project.