Heat pump comfort without groundsource or outdoor unit

Meacasa Project developer Meacasa realized 31 homes with PVT heatpump solar panels in the new residential area “De Schakel” in Heerhugowaard, the so-called all-electric single-family homes for residential investor Vesteda. The rental properties are equipped with a water / water heat pump from NIBE in combination with PVT heat pump panels from Triple Solar.

Unique, maintenance-free and 100% silent

“This product combination is absolutely unique,” ​​says NIBE Business Development Manager Erik Numan. “The source and the heat pump are fully coordinated. NIBE has even adapted the software of our heat pump so that you can follow the performance of the source on the display of the heat pump. The combination also comes with an equivalence statement, as an independent guarantee of the quality and performance of the system. With this system – which has already been successfully used in hundreds of homes in recent years – we really offer a distinctive solution in situations where a soil source or an outdoor unit is not possible or desirable. ”

“In addition, the system offers some additional benefits,” adds Cees Mager. “To start with, the source works 100% silently and is maintenance-free. This increases comfort for the tenants and reduces the total cost of ownership for the landlord. It is also pleasant for the project developer that the system – in contrast to a soil source – is only installed in the last phase of construction. This means that the investment only needs to be pre-financed for a short time and that – especially for larger projects – can save a lot in costs.

Collaboration is essential

Both Cees Mager and Erik Numan emphasize that good cooperation between Triple Solar, NIBE and the installer on projects such as 31 houses with PVT panels in Heerhugowaard – De Schakel is essential. Cees Mager: “With this specific project, it made sense that the project installer – G. van Dam from Rijssen – was already familiar with NIBE products. In addition, we generally see that clients consider it important that each party takes responsibility for its own share in the installation. ”

In practice, this means that Triple Solar mounts the heat pump panels on top of the roof and leads the connection pipes through the roof, so that the installer can connect the heat pump directly. Triple Solar then fills the system with glycol, after which the installer can put the system into operation. Erik Numan of NIBE about this: “If an installer has insufficient experience, we can provide him with the necessary support, but we can also take care of the complete commissioning for him. In addition, we naturally guarantee the quality and optimal operation of our heat pumps and we offer various services in the field of periodic maintenance and repair. ”


This is how the PVT heat pump panel works

The basis of the PVT heat pump panel is formed by a heat exchanger of copper pipes and aluminum fins, which – thanks to a special coating – is very corrosion resistant. A plastic layer with PV cells has been applied on the top, in such a way that optimum heat transfer is guaranteed. The electricity generated by the PV part of the panel is fed back into the grid. The thermal part of the heat pump panel extracts two forms of heat from the environment: heat from the outside air that is directly absorbed by the slats and heat from the sun that is transferred to the slats via the PV part. This heat is delivered to the NIBE F1255-6 water / water heat pump. Because the PVT heat pump panels use three different sources, they form a stable source in every season and the efficiency is high. Read more about the operation of PVT panels here.

Advantages of PVT heat pump panels

  • Stable source in every season thanks to three different sources
  • High generating efficiency
  • Proven technology in hundreds of installations
  • Widely applicable in situations where a bottom source or outdoor unit is not possible
  • Efficient, 100% silent operation

Advantages NIBE F1255 heat pump

  • Unprecedented high efficiency (SCOP:> 7) by inverter-controlled compressor
  • Integrated stainless steel boiler (180 liters)
  • User-friendly operation
  • ISDE subsidy in The Netherlands: € 2,800 to € 3,700 (check for your local subsidies availability)

With declaration of equivalence

A declaration of equivalence is available for the proven product combination of a package of Triple Solar PVT heat pump panels and a NIBE F1255-6 water / water heat pump. This makes it possible to include the Triple Solar system with the actual measured values ​​in an EPC calculation and to use it in new construction projects. The declaration of equivalence guarantees the energy performance of the heat pump in combination with the heat pump panels as a source in accordance with the applicable standards in the Building Decree. The statement has been drawn up on the basis of the applicable NEN 7120 (EPG) assessment framework.

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