triple solar 11 apartments in Amsterdam bilderdijkkade


The challenge

As a condition for the construction of an apartment complex on the Bilderdijkkade in Amsterdam, the municipality has laid down a solid package of requirements for the heating installation. Gasless / All-electric heating without an open or closed source due to the limited space underground and the already existing heat storage system of the Hallen behind it. Air-water heat pumps are not desirable because of the expected noise nuisance in the courtyard. That suits us well.


The solution

Triple Solar, together with H2O Installatietechniek from Woerden, delivered an installation with a Nibe 28 kW heat pump with 100 PVT heat pump solar panels. Gasless heating and hot tap water. The installation has been extended with a cooling module that also kept the building pleasantly warm throughout the summer. The installation is compactly placed on the roof.