The challenge

The Pyramide student and starter high rise apartment is owned by Woonstad housing corporation in Rotterdam. The hot water for all 109 apartments is made with a gas-fired loading boiler and a ring line along the apartments. There were solar collectors on the roof to support the making of hot tap water, which unfortunately no longer functioned. The housing corporation wanted a more effective solution with more operating hours to replace the traditional solar collectors.

The solution

We have made a plan with 24 PVT heat pump panels of 2 m2 as a source for a 12 kW modulating Nibe heat pump. The installation has been running for a year and has been running continuously for the first 12 months (more than 8000 hours). This has resulted in a saving of 9200 m3 of gas, 18 tons of CO2 and 7,500 kWh of electricity per year.