A PVT heat pump panel is a solar panel that collects both electricity and heat. A PVT heat pump solar panel can both generate power and use the heat at the same time for heating water for use in a heat pump.

Thus you save on both your gas and electricity bill, or you can discard gas alltogether. A PVT panel is in fact a solar panel with a heat exchanger underneath. The solar panel provides the electricity, and the heat exchanger provides the heat. A big advantage of this is that a lot of space is saved on your roof, plus you increase the yield per m2 of your available roof!

What is a PVT solar panel as source for the heatpump

What is a PVT solar panel as source for the heatpump

Solar panels perform a lot better when they are cool. The total efficiency of a PVT heat pump panel system is about 40% higher than a standard solar panel.

This means you save on space. But don’t forget that a PVT panel is also much more silent than, for example, an outdoor unit of an air/water heat pump, of which the fan makes noise (and also needs annual maintenance). In the end, you save on space and costs, and opt for a quiet and highly cost-effective and sustainable solution!

How does the Triple Solar PVT panel system work?
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