The PVT heat pump panel

The front of the PVT heat pump panel (in short PVT panel) consists of solar cells (PV) that convert sunlight into electricity. The back side is a thermal heat exchanger (T) that provides the source energy for the special PVT heat pump. The PVT panel extracts energy from the air, from sun and from daylight. Heating with Triple Solar PVT panels is the sustainable and maintenance free solution for fossil free heating.

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What is a PVT heat pump panel

This video explains the functioning (Dutch).


There are three models available:

PVT M3-450XL – landscape  450 Wp – 2131 x 1055 x 65 mm (2,21 m2)
PVT M3-375L   – landscape  375 Wp – 1791 x 1055 x 65 mm (1,85 m2)
PVT M3-375P  – portrait        375 Wp – 1763 x 1071 x 65 mm (1,85 m2)

For more specifications check page Documents or the Technical Documentation PVT heat pump panels.

Why PVT heat pump panels

  • No expensive ground source required and therefore no environmental impact
  • No need for an outdoor unit, as is with the air/water heat pump, thus no noise pollution
  • Durable with a 10-year warranty and an expected life span of 30 years
  • High efficiency and therefore low electricity costs
  • Works 24 hours a day, including at night and when it is cloudy
  • Suitable for both new and existing constructions
  • Suitable for any type of roof
  • Low maintenance

About Triple Solar®

Our mission is to achieve maximum impact in reducing CO2 emissions from heating homes. We also want to make sustainable heating of houses accessible to a wide audience. That is why we develop smart and maintenance-free solutions in the field of sustainable energy. Our requirement is that the products are produced sustainably, are fully recyclable and have no environmental impact, neither in production, nor in use. Our products have a minimum lifespan of thirty years and are produced in the Netherlands. The raw materials are made within Europe and transported CO2-neutral as much as possible. We only work with companies that are socially responsible and sustainable.