Heating of gyms, sports halls and swimming pools

Heating sports halls costs a lot of energy. Many operators of sports facilities are under pressure due to the high operating costs due to, among other things, high energy costs.

Installing solar panels is a solution, but you only influence part of the entire energy consumption. Triple Solar focuses on the greatest possible savings; that on the heating costs.

Do you want:

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Clear installation

Your experiences so far

  • Too high temperatures with vacuum tubes
  • Replacement of Glycol fluid every 5 years
  • No solution for the winter period

Pool heating with PVT Heat Pump Solar Panels

The special heat pump panels from the Triple Solar system have a double effect:


In the summer, when the sun shines, the panels work like a normal solar collector, the heat generated goes directly to the pool installation.


In the winter, the panels function as a source for the heat pump. The relatively low temperatures from the panels are boosted by the heat pump to a suitable temperature for the swimming pool (> 27 ° C).

Below is a schematic representation of the installation.

Mounting on the existing roof.

Integration of the (sandwich) panels in new construction.

Triple Solar hybride PVT paneel Warmtepomp verwarmen duurzaam zwembad
Triple-Solar-PVT-zonnepaneel-warmtepomp-paneel-laak dak