You are used to your home being comfortably warm, and you want to keep it that way. Before you switch from a gas boiler to another heating system, you want to make sure that the alternative offers at least the same amount of comfort.

If a house is well insulated, obviously it will be easier to heat. The first step is therefore to ensure that your house is well insulated via the quadruple approach (wall, floor and roof insulation, plus double glazing). An energy consultant can help you with this. Certain municipalities have appointed someone for the task as well.

Triple Solar Unica PVT panelen De Tuinen Woudenberg K

The heat pump with PVT heat pump panels

The Triple Solar system consists of Triple Solar PVT heat pump panels combined with a PVT heat pump. The panels work as an energy source for the heat pump. The panels draw energy from the outside air, from sunlight and daylight.

When heating with a heat pump, Triple Solar differentiates between completely gasless (all-electric) and a hybrid setup.

All electric or hybrid?

If your house is not optimally insulated or cannot be properly insulated, a hybrid installation is a great alternative. We call an installation hybrid if the gas boiler stays in place. The heat pump is installed next to the gas boiler and becomes the main heating system. If, for example, it starts to freeze and the heat pump cannot provide sufficient heat, the gas boiler will assist. This way you keep optimum comfort and still save gas.

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No regrets: from hybrid to all electric

If in doubt, you can choose to keep the gas boiler installed for the time being. This may be because you don’t want to insulate the house until later. Or you have doubts about the comfort after switching to a heat pump. It is important that you choose an installation that can be expanded if called for. We call that a ‘no regret’ investment. Triple Solar can always be expanded to all-electric (fossil free) and is therefore a no-regret solution.

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TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is important for the housing corporation. The investment and maintenance costs for the corporation, and the energy costs for residents must by no means not increase.

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Housing corporation

As a housing corporation, do you want to save energy and make your housing stock more sustainable without risk? Gas-free heating and cooling of your homes is possible with Triple Solar PVT heat pump panels as the source for the PVT heat pump.


Private buyer

Due to high demand, we are currently unable to answer private questions. We advise you to contact an installer or consultant in your region. Is the consultant or installer not yet familiar with the Triple Solar system? We offer training through our Triple Solar Academy. Have your installer or consultant contact us.