The challenge

Tiny Tim is enough for you. It requires less raw materials, less energy consumption and less living costs. Living with less material ballast, relaxing and consuming. The idea behind Tiny TIM was conceived by architecture and landscape photographer Hans Peter Föllmi, architect Jurgen van der Ploeg and the students of the UvA (Future Planet Studies) Dante Föllmi, Waas Thissen and Abe van der Woude. TIM stands for Timber – Independent – Mobile. More about this on the website

The autarkic solution

For the Tiny Tim Tinyhouse, we were asked to design an installation that always works without fuss and that functions with minimal energy consumption. We have designed special PVT solar panels based on a Solar Frontier PV solar panel with thin film technology. This gives you an optimal energy yield, spread over the year. This is important for an autarkic installation, because it is not about how much energy you generate on an annual basis, but when. The large buffer vessel provides a bridging time of a few days. The batteries store the electricity from the windmills and the PVT solar heatpump panels. The heat pump is supplied with this energy.