Director André Vennegoor of Vennegoor Installations from Weerselo in Overijssel, The Netherlands is a great fan and collector of old tractors of the Deutz brand, whose history dates back to 1864. In order to optimally preserve his impressive collection of overhauled classic tractors and a beautiful Magirus – Deutz oldtimer camper, he even had a new warehouse built for it. And although all vehicles in the collection date from a (distant) past, their accommodation is fully focused on the future through the use of various sustainable techniques. Triple Solar talked to André Vennegoor and was the first to ask him where the passion for vintage cars and especially the Deutz brand came from?

When André was 11 years old, he started collecting technical drawings through the weekly magazine Boerderij. Deutz passed by by chance. It is a brand with a lot to collect. At the age of sixteen Andre bought his first Deutz tractor and completely overhauled it and brought it back to its original condition. He now owns a collection of 50 tractors and other vehicles.

Why did you choose the Triple Solar PVT panels as a source for the heat pump, and not for a ground source, for example?

“The main reason is that the PVT panels provide both electricity and heat. We store the heat and electricity from the summer so that we can use it again in the winter. It was personally important to me that we could build a circular system. ”

Why is sustainability important to you personally? What was your motivation?

“We wanted to look into the future and show how you can be innovative by generating and storing sustainable energy. I have always been interested in technology and it gives me energy. My children are also a motivation to become more sustainable. After all, they are the future. ”

How important is sustainability for you as an installer?

“As an installer, we would like to distinguish ourselves from our colleagues. Sustainability is one of our spearheads at Vennegoor Installatie. This, combined with the feeling of a family business and committed colleagues, is what we stand for. ”

The solution

About the fully self-sufficient / off the grid industrial hall: The hall is heated and passively cooled in an energy-efficient manner with an energy-efficient NIBE F1155-6 PC water / water heat pump installation in combination with a NIBE UKV buffer barrel. The heat pump is connected to low temperature underfloor heating that can also cool. The source chosen was not a traditional soil collector, but a package of PVT heat pump solar panels from Triple Solar in combination with a buffer of moist sand in the basement.


The PVT heat pump solar panels not only extract the required heat from the environment, but also generate green electricity. Power that is not directly used itself is stored in a number of batteries for later use. Finally, the building is equipped with a rainwater collection system, so that clean and potable tap water can be produced with the help of a treatment plant.

Characteristics of this project:

Location: Weerselo

Client: Andre Vennegoor – Weerselo

Installer: Vennegoor Installatie BV – Weerselo

Heat pump: NIBE F1155-6 PC

PVT solar panels: Triple Solar