The challenge

Alwik van Tiggelaar is CFO at Sungevity and previously at Crowdfunding platform One Planet Crowd. When Alwik decided to make his house more sustainable, there was of course all the knowledge to choose the best installation. His wish was to renovate his house off the grid, to zero on the gas meter – A major renovation with PVT heat pump panels in North Holland

The solution

Alwik already had the house reasonably insulated on the inside to make the heat pump stand out well. There was room on the front roof for 10 PVT heat pump panels and on the roof of the shed for a set of regular PV panels. The heat pump is the matching Nibe modulating w / w heat pump of 6 kW. The house is now almost energy neutral, or the goal: Renovation NOM with PVT panels in North Holland has been achieved!

NOTE: This is an older project. The latest generation of PVT panels yield even more returns> ask us about the possibilities for your building!