The challenge

The swimming pool in Doesburg is now heated with Triple Solar PVT Solarpanels in combination with a heat pump. As a result, part of the sunbathing lawn of the Swimming Pool “Den Helder” in Doesburg has been sacrificed for a series of Triple Solar PVT heat pump solarpanels for both energy and hot water. Manager Alex Walter says he can save 40,000 cubic meters of gas and 40,000 kilowatts of electricity with a payback period of 5-6 years. (Pool heating PVT solar panels and heat pump).

The solution

68 Triple Solar PVT heat pump panels and 100 PV panels have been installed in the field. There is now a 40 kW heat pump in the technical room. The installation can be admired on

YouTube. Swimming pool heating PVT solar panels and heat pump. If you want to know more about heating a swimming pool, or your business premises / real estate / home, we would like to hear from you. Email [email protected] to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.