The challenge

Building a sustainable house in Almere that would be comfortable for residents without a gas heating. The goal sounds simple, and in short: a detached house that would be heated sustainably. Perhaps with solar energy as a source for the heat pump. The main requirement was that the house had to be off the grid / all electric and that no noisy outdoor unit would be installed. The solution had to be silent.

The Solution

Bouwbedrijf Grootheest and the owner of this building have chosen Triple Solar PVT heat pump solar panels as the source for the heat pump. The PVT solarpanels are silent, do not require maintenance because there are no moving parts. A ground drilling is also not necessary because the PVT solarpanels supply both electricity and hot water for your underfloor heating and tap water. A total of 8 PVT solar panels are connected to a 6Kw Nibe Heat Pump.