The challenge

Gijs van Wijk is head of technology at Thuisbaas, the company that specializes in making homes energy-neutral. Together with his wife Jet Pronk, they built their ideal home in Alkmaar, made from circular materials. With their vision on sustainability and energy-neutral construction, they naturally wanted the most beautiful and best system available on the market.

The solution

Gijs was of course aware of the latest developments at Triple Solar and installed 10 of the latest generation of heat pump PVT solar panels and a 6 kW modulating heat pump from Nibe. The combination for which both companies, Triple Solar and Nibe, have a declaration of equivalence. By adding a few extra PV solarpanels, the house has become energy neutral. The rest of the roof was covered with sedum, so that the solarpanels appear to be in the meadow.