The challenge

The Sonnemans family from Tienhoven was looking for a way to make their house more energy efficient but did not want any complicated changes to its roof. He wanted to both save on gas and generate his own electricity, so he started looking for an energy-efficient PVT panel installation.

The solution

Triple Solar mounted 14 PVT heat pump panels. The mounting rails are attached to the rear of the panels so that you do not see any clamps or edges at the front. This gives a nice even and calm image.

The 14 PVT panels provide the energy for an 8 kW NRGTEQ heat pump that is expected to result in a 50% saving on heating costs. The 14 x 520 watt peak panels also provide 6600 kWh of electricity per year.

Please note, this is an older project. The newest generation of PVT heat pump panels yield more return > ask us about the possibilities for your building!