You want to continue without gas with the Triple Solar® system. What’s next?

Find the right installer

You can have the Triple Solar® system installed by a local installer. After your decision to continue without gas and with the Triple Solar® system, the first step is therefore to find a suitable installer. That can of course be your own trusted installer, or one of our partners.


To help the installer get started, it is useful to already fill in a Inspection Form. It is also useful to take photos of:

  1. The place where the heat pump must be placed
  2. The meter cupboard
  3. The house with the view of the roof
  4. The radiators in the living room and the kitchen

Successful installation

Of course we help the installer with the necessary instructions for a successful installation of the Triple Solar® system.

Brand of the heat pump

As you can also read on the page about the system, Triple Solar is a producer of the heat pump panels, which can work together with a number of brine / water heat pumps. Which heat pump brand you choose is up to you. The installer can advise on this.

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