The Triple Solar® PVT heat pump solar panel system consists of special Triple Solar PVT heat pump solar panels in combination with a (NIBE or any other brand) heat pump. The PVT solar panels act as a source for the heat pump, which uses the energy from the solarpanels to heat a home or other building and to provide hot tap water.

Because the aluminum  PVT heat pump panel is also equipped with a solar panel, it is possible to provide a building not only with heat and hot tap water from one surface, but also with electricity. Natural gas free. And that in all seasons, 24 hours a day.

Triple Solar is a producer of the heat pump panels, which in principle can work together with any brine / water heat pump. This type of heat pump has no moving parts, so the pump is quiet and maintenance-free and always works – even when it freezes. Which brand of heat pump you choose is up to you. Your installer can advise on this.

Heat and electricity with PVT solar panels

Why choose between heat or electricity, if it is possible with the Triple Solar® system to generate both? The innovative Triple Solar PVT panel consists of a thermal (T) section, on which a photovoltaic (PV) panel is laminated at the factory; another word for solar panel. This makes it possible to generate both heat and electricity in combination with a heat pump. A nice side effect: because the heat from the sun is removed from the heat pump panel, the efficiency of the solar panel becomes higher. The whole has the appearance of a normal solar panel, without edges or clamps.

Triple Solar PVT warmtepomppaneel
Triple Solar foto PVT warmtepomppaneel
    • Heat and electricity
    • Sustainable: natural gas-free solution
    • More living comfort and ease of use
    • Stable energy supply in every season, 24/7
    • Safe, quiet and maintenance-free

No ordinary PVT panel

Although the Triple Solar PVT heat pump panel is made up of a PV and a T section, it is not a standard PVT panel. The main difference with the many standard PVT panels is that the Triple Solar heat pump panel is designed to generate energy (heat) even when there is no sun. This is possible because the panel can extract heat from outside air in addition to sunlight and daylight. As a result, in combination with a heat pump, heat can also be extracted from the panel free of charge at night. And in the winter the yield is not inferior to that in the summer.

Why a heat pump?

A heat pump offers a natural gas-free energy solution. In addition, it has many more advantages:

  • High efficiency: A heat pump with an efficiency of up to sometimes more than 500% is an excellent heat supplier. The heat emitted by the heat pump is largely extracted from the environment for free. And the heat pump itself only needs a small amount of purchased energy to convert the heat from the environment into usable heat for a home.
  • Low CO2 emissions: CO2 emissions from heating via a heat pump are significantly lower – around 60% – compared to heating via a gas-fired boiler.
  • More living comfort and ease of use: If a heat pump is set properly, it is no longer necessary to switch it off or lower when you go to sleep or go out the door. A heat pump keeps a home constantly at the right temperature, actually like the automatic climate control in cars. The device is also easy to use.
  • Silent and reliable: A brine / water heat pump (the type of pump that comes with the Triple Solar® system) is quiet and maintenance-free and always works – even when it’s freezing.