Why choose a heat pump

The heat pump is the replacement for the gas boiler.
There are different types of heat pumps.

The three most important are:

  • the heat pump using a ground source (a bore hole with a plastic tube of around 200 meters)
  • the air to water heat pump with the infamous outdoor unit
  • the heat pump using PVT heat pump panels as an energy source

The PVT heat pump panel is developped by Triple Solar® and replaces the ground source or the outdoor unit.

The illustration underneath explains the basics of the three systems.

For more information check the Frequently Asked Questions.

Triple Solar warmtepomp 3 varianten 2018

High energy performance

A Triple Solar® system uses the generated electricity in a highly economical way. The SPF, (system performance factor), is the measure of energy efficiency on an annual basis. A well-dimensioned Triple Solar® system has an exceptionally high proven return. An SPF of 5.6 is feasible for space heating and an SPF of 3.8 for domestic hot water. This means that, on average over a year, every kWh of electricity generates 5.6 kWh of heat. These values ​​have been measured by TNO in the Netherlands and were recorded in a label of conformity statement. This makes Triple Solar® one of the most economical heating systems available.

What is a PVT heat pump panel

The front side of the PVT heat pump panel is similar to a solar panel and has solar cells to generate electricity. The backside is a heat exchanger that supplies the energy source for the heat pump. The heat exchanger-collector collects energy form the ambient temperature and additionally from daylight and sunlight.

Triple Solar PVT warmtepomppaneel
  • “The heat pump solar panels are constructed differently than regular solar collectors. Even if there is no sun, the heat pump solar panel pays off. It has no insulation at the rear, so it can extract as much heat as possible from the environment. Energy is extracted both at night and in winter, in order to feed the heat pump.”

Why use PVT heat pump panels

  • No expensive ground source required, and therefore no environmental impact
  • No need for an outdoor unit, as is with the air/water heat pump, therefore no noise pollution
  • Durable with a 10-year warranty and an expected life span of 30 years
  • High efficiency and therefore low electricity costs
  • Works 24 hours a day, including at night and when it is cloudy
  • Suitable for both new and existing constructions
  • Suitable for any type of roof
  • Low maintenance

Watch the video how to heat your house all electric

Learning by watching!

In the video below you will be taken step by step through the process of replacing the old gasboiler with a heat pump with PVT panels.

  • “Anyone who talks about heat pump solar panels refers to a fully integrated system providing heating, electricity and hot water in one. With 8 panels you provide an average, well-insulated home for a family of four with sustainable heating and hot water. By placing another 8 regular solar panels, the daily electrical consumption is also covered. This makes your home energy neutral.”- Cees Mager, managing director Triple Solar®.
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1930s house sustainable renovation with PVT-panels as source for the heatpump-01

The PVT panels mounted on the roof

Triple Solar® can be mounted on any type of roof.

There are three models available:

PVT M3-450XL – landscape  450 Wp – 2131 x 1055 x 65 mm (2,21 m2)
PVT M3-375L   – landscape  375 Wp – 1791 x 1055 x 65 mm (1,85 m2)
PVT M3-375P  – portrait        375 Wp – 1763 x 1071 x 65 mm (1,85 m2)

For more specifications check out the page Documents or read the Technical Documentation PVT heat pump panels.

Cooling and domestic hot water

Hot tap water all year round

The panels get extra warm during the day when the sun is out. At this time, the heat pump makes hot tap water in a very efficient way. This gives you almost free hot water in the summer.

Cool summers, warm winters

You can expand the Triple Solar® heat pump with an additional cooling module. This option provides night cooling at night and active cooling during the day. The module controls this process independently. With active cooling, the heat pump function is reversed. In that case, it works just like a fridge. The heat is extracted from the home and released outside through the panels.

  • “In order to be able to cool the space, floor heating and/or the use of low temperature convectors is essential. Ask your installer for the conditions. Pipes, for example, must be well insulated to prevent condensation.”


The Dutch government has various financing and subsidy schemes available.

Subsidy offerings might vary per country. Check with your local council for more details.