Energy neutral renovation

Housing corporations and the business community are looking for solutions for energy-neutral renovations; either low or no energy costs and a sustainable facade and roof renovations. The motto is a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The goal is low energy costs for 25 years, guarantees on energy yield and minimal maintenance.

The solution is the Triple Solar PVT solar pane heatpump system: heat pump panels in combination with a heat pump. The Triple Solar system is a Dutch product. We design in Amsterdam and manufacture in Friesland. Sustainable construction and renovation is coming a lot closer with Triple Solar.

Triple Solar PVT zonnepaneel - huis Beverwijk
Triple Solar PVT paneel zonnepaneel warmtepomppaneel De Draai Heerhugowaard - 01

Zero on the meter – off the grid

Triple Solar designs roof renovations and solves all energy issues. The goal is “zero on the meter” or “Off the grid”. This means that the house generates as much energy as it consumes per year.

The system

The Triple Solar system consists of special heat pump panels in combination with a heat pump. The panels act as a source for the heat pump, which uses the energy from the panels to heat a home. Because the aluminum heat pump panel is also equipped with a solar panel, it is possible to provide a home not only with heat and hot tap water from one surface, but also with electricity. And that in all seasons, 24 hours a day.

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Balance insulation and generation

Triple Solar makes it possible to use both roof halves of a home. The south side for heat and electricity, and if necessary, the north side as an additional source for the heat pump. In this way, it is not necessary to apply the highest degree of insulation. Perhaps a little more electricity is needed, but it is generated on its own roof.